3 Great Reasons Your Business Needs Promotional Stickers

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These three important marketing ingredients, done well, add up to a stronger organization and community of customers and fans. More visibility, more recognition, more trust, more conversations, more community… translates into more sales, profitability and support for your brand, product, organization or message.

1) Customer Relations – Stickers can be a gift, a badge… a way for your fans and customers to show off their individuality. By offering them a sticker that fits into their lifestyle and culture, you solidify your position as something that matters in their life.  Even if customers don’t choose to display your badges, you have still made the connection and reminded them your business is there and you care. Properly designed and executed, you are giving something of mutual value to both parties.

2) Exposure – Promotional stickers, such as custom outdoor stickers, that are displayed can potentially be seen by thousands of people. And, that exposure now goes way beyond cars out on the road – stickers are increasingly used on laptop computers, phones, water bottles, helmets and many other items people choose to personalize. Promotional stickers are the original social media – they are a “like” and an endorsement being broadcast to the world.

3) Word Of Mouth and Community – Stickers (graphics & messages) that are seen will, of course, also be talked about. Questions will be asked, opinions shared, impressions made. And, for those that share a similar interest, opinion or affinity, connections are made and supported. Stickers support both the building of buzz and the building of community.











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