reasons to choose permanent adhesive domed labels that outwit Mother Nature!

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 #1. Made for the great outdoors

GPA’s  waterproof domed stickers stand up to rain, ice, and salt water – and all types of weather from extreme heat to arctic temperatures. Companies around the country rely on our labels to withstand the great outdoors. This includes industries that have particularly challenging applications, for example:

  • Large construction vehicles work outdoors  in harsh weather conditions.
  • Waterproof decals for boats must withstand continuous saltwater immersion.
  • Labels on aircraft components must withstand extreme environmental conditions and comply with strict industry regulations.

  #2. Durable from top to bottom

GPA’s  waterproof stickers exceed industry standards in nearly every category, because we use materials that are thicker, longer lasting and more durable than those used by other printing companies. This means the colors and graphics will resist fading. Meanwhile, our aggressive engineered adhesive will significantly outlast other products.


 #3. So resistant, you could call them obstinate!

Who wants stickers that fade in sunlight, break apart after a single cleaning, or fall off during use? Our custom waterproof decals can take anything you throw at them: chemicals in industrial settings, abrasive cleaning agents, harsh weather conditions, and even saltwater immersion for marine use.


 #4.  UL certified

In many cases, kitchen equipment manufacturers and other companies are required to use durable labels that stand up to cleaning agents . Our top-quality materials actively resist mildew, mold and rot, making them perfect for diverse applications.


  #6. Used in every industry, every day

Businesses around the country rely on our top-quality custom domed stickers  to promote their brand, track inventory, monitor assets, convey safety warnings, communicate operating instructions, and much more. We are the chosen supplier of custom labels for companies in every industry:


 #7. Customized to meet your exact needs

What kind of waterproof sticker do you need? Just let us know, and we’ll deliver. Our engineering-based designers will help you select colors, sizes, shapes, materials, styles and levels of protective layers and engineered adhesive to support your application’s unique requirements.


 #8. All this and more – at affordable prices

For more than 40 years GPA , has provided top-quality custom domed stickers (and much more) to businesses around the country. Our expert team will efficiently design, print, and deliver your custom waterproof decals on time and on budget. Our efficiency is due to our enterprise-wide quality system, called Design-to-Delivery. This ensures we stay focused on quality at every step in the process – and this means you can rely on us for an affordable, quality product; a streamlined process; and on-time delivery.



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