sunlight vs domed stickers

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Sunlight, UV rays, and sweltering temps can be fierce and unforgiving. That’s why we specialize in label materials that can take the heat.

We’re experts in plastics, engineered adhesives, and the manufacturing technologies that result in long-lasting, high-performing printed graphic solutions. Here’s a primer on outdoor-rated materials for durable labels that perform in extreme conditions:

 Flame resistance is a real concern – The wrong type of plastic labels can smolder, melt, or ignite it in extremely hot environments. It’s important to use label materials with high temperature performance, so your labels won’t get damaged or catch on fire.

 Our permanent adhesives have staying power! – In intense heat, the wrong adhesive won’t adhere.


How does sunlight and the sun’s heat impact labels? Here are 3 cool science facts …

  1. Are your labels used in the lower latitudes? – If so, did you know that locations at lower latitudes receive stronger and more direct sunlight than those near the poles?
  2. Are your labels used in high elevations or on aircraft? – For every 1,000 feet above sea level, ultraviolet exposure increases about 4% to 10%. Therefore, at an altitude of 9,000 feet, UV radiation can be nearly 50% more intense than at sea level. Exposure to UV radiation is a concern for people who live “at elevation” – and for custom outdoor labels too!
  1. Did you know the angle of sunlight affects the transfer of solar energy? – According to the Flying Turtle educational website, “If the sun is directly overhead, the angle of the sun above the horizon is 90 degrees and the sunlight hits the surface directly. At any lesser angle, the sun hits the surface less directly and less solar energy is transferred to the surface. … If the sun is directly overhead, a square mile of sunlight covers a square mile of ground. However, the lower the sun is in the sky, the more ground the sunlight is spread out over. The more spread-out the sun’s rays are, the less concentrated they are and therefore the less energy they transfer to the ground.”


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